Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Bling Ring- Film Review

The Bling Ring Poster
(No real spoilers, but don't read if you're overly cautious)

Rating /10? 7.5
Recommend? Yes

I recently purchased and watched the bling ring on DVD. I thought I'd post a review so others can view my opinion before purchasing themselves.

I gave the film a 7.5 out of 10 because although I found it an enjoyable watch, I was in no way transfixed. However a lower score would have been unfair, as the story is based on true events, restricting the artistic license.

Okay so who doesn't want to watch Emma Watson on their screen all day every day? Her performance was believable and different to what many have seen previously of her. Her character Nicki has many levels and is sometimes difficult to read, but I think that is the way she was written, and Watson did a terrific job. Katie Chang, who was playing the part of Rebecca gave a great performance, and seeing as it was her first time acting in anything like this, and was given the part purely on the merit of a self filmed audition tape, I think the girl has loads of potential for the future. Watch out for that name. As for the rest of the cast, the acting was pretty even and well executed.

I must say the one thing that did disappoint me was the message portrayed by the entire film as a whole. When the real story was in the news, it was, rogue kids who had no respect for the law, committing crimes and acting foolishly etc. however, in the film, the story is told from the point of view of the criminals, rather than the victims, and I think in some ways it glorifies the lifestyle they were living. It becomes a film about kids who are having fun and enjoying life and getting away with what they can, and it makes the viewer forget the events truly happened. It loses seriousness and I felt that as a viewer I needed reminding that there were victims of these crimes, including Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, and Orlando Bloom.

I'd recommend a watch as I think that the story is interesting, more so due to the fact that it is based on true events. Well worth the £5 from amazon.

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