Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Robin Williams, "a lightning storm of comic genius"- Steven Spielberg

It is strange to imagine that someone with such child-like energy and so much comedy bursting from his seams could be in so much pain. It's evidence enough that we never see the full picture, merely a
fraction of best bits from the lives of the people we feel we grow up with. I myself can remember being just five years of age and being with my parents watching 'Flubber'. I couldn't make much sense of half of the events, being so young, but I can see even now this eccentric man who's brain was working at a million miles an hour bouncing around on the tv screen. My first experience of comedy and I was hooked.

From that point Robin Williams was someone who I was aware of as an actor, and I went on to watch him in a multitude of films. Mrs Doubtfire, which was filmed before I was even born, and Aladdin, realising that the genie sounded oddly familiar. I think that most people in the English speaking world, ranging in age from 15 to 75 could have told him how utterly brilliant he was, not just as a scripted actor, but his entire being. The man oozed comedy, like it would be harder for him to sit and be quiet than it would to shout and dance and sing with the energy pouring out of him and into the hearts and souls of so many people. And still I feel that none of it would have mattered.

Depression like so many other mental illnesses is exactly that, an illness. I think he must have known how many people loved him, and how many people respected him, and yet depression isn't so rational as to take these things into account. For those people who have a family member or friend who has battled in the past or is currently battling depression, and for those who work as health care professionals, caring for people with mental illness, and lastly for those who suffer themselves, I don't need to explain the intricacies of something you already understand. For those with no experience, the illness is nobody's fault, and isn't a direct result of any one thing. For those who do not understand, seek to.

Robin Williams was a man with un-fathomable talent. Let his performances be what he is remembered for, not his illness and death. Rest in peace you wonderful human being, may you live on in the hearts of so many.

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