Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Zoella, Girl Online, Thoughts.

So as you might be aware the internet has been divided this last week over the 'news' that Zoe Sugg had help writing her book. I wanted to share my thoughts. I said 'news' in inverted commas because it's not news to anyone who watches her videos. She has spoken openly throughout the entire process that she has worked with the editorial team and been given guidance with the book, which I feel is fair, given that it's her first book. Most people's first books don't get published because they aren't good enough, writing well is something that has to be learned and just because she had help is no reason to punish her.

I've read the book, finished in just over a week. I loved it. Yes writing style is important, but the plot is just as important, if not more so. She created that, and it's a true achievement.

There are also discrepancies regarding how involved she was in the process, whether she just gave ideas or whether she did some of the writing herself, nobody knows. But i ask, does it matter? Look at Katie Price, she has written around 10 books, that have all been successful, ALL ghost written. Nobody cared then. (And I've just heard that Katie Price is fully supporting Zoe). Also people have questioned the money that the ghost writer made, wether or not it was fair... they didn't decide to be a ghost writer without knowing they weren't going to be loaded, however I have heard speculation of the sum, and it wasn't exactly a small amount.

Regardless, we can't deny that Zoe has grown from being a young girl filming videos in her bedroom, into a successful and respected businesswoman. She should be proud of what she's achieved.

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