Thursday, 22 January 2015

2014 Favourites -Beauty.


My favourite discovery of this last year in terms of skincare was the Clinique 'Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief' moisturiser. I loved this so much for a few reasons. Firstly, it is water-based and so doesn't leave my skin greasy at all. Secondly, it's a really thick gel, and really deeply moisturises any dry patches of skin, and thirdly, its really fast-absorbing. It's completely soaked up by your skin in less than a minute and it's perfect for every day.

Other than this I've been using the same Clinique skin care system for the past 3 years. Only I've swapped out the usual moisturiser.


I've been loving quite a few products in 2014. I have really pale skin and its usually in fairly good condition so I don't wear a lot of foundations. Recently I've really been loving Benefit's POREfessional. It's a base/primer but it really smoothes out and evens the skin. Sometimes I wear it alone just to even my skin without a foundation.

In the way of Concealer, I had difficulty finding one that didn't dry out my skin under my eyes. In 2014 however, I purchased the Benefit Fake Up Concealer which comes with a moisturising balm around the stick so it stops my skin from getting too dry. Whilst I really do wish this was offered in a lighter colour, as I can't wear it without foundation because it stands out, it's a great concealer and I would definitely recommend.

If I decide I want to wear some coverage on my face, I've been loving Clinique's Supermoisture Makeup Foundation in 'Linen'. This is great for dryer skin and leaves my face looking dewy.

I'll use MAC's Creamblend Blush in 'Something Special'. I prefer a cream blush because I think that it looks more natural than a powder blush.

On top of this, I've been using MAC's Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. This powder is great because it's so fine and it doesn't dry out my face.

My 2 favourite mascaras last year were Benefit's they're real! for curly lashes, and Clarins Be Long mascara for long straight lashes. The Clarins mascara is so amazing it makes my lashes really long, and lessens my perpetual pain from having ridiculously short lashes.

I've also been loving MAC's Liquidlast Liner in Point Black. I was very conflicted about buying this, there were good reviews that it didn't smudge, but bad ones because it was hard to correct mistakes. For me the smudging was more of an issue so I bit the bullet and bought it in september and I'm SO glad that I did :)

Last year I got some of the 'Real Techniques' brushes from Boots. I have more than these four but these are my favourites and are the ones I use the most. These are great on a budget because they're actually brilliant brushes, much better than most synthetic brushes, and they're not very expensive!

For my eye makeup however, I used a MAC 239 for applying eye shadow and a MAC 217 for blending. These are the holy grail of eye makeup brushes. So many people would recommend the 217, it's just such an easy brush to use, and the perfect size and shape for blending colour in the crease. Unfortunately I couldn't link to it because it's disappeared from the website, although I'd go as far as to say there's no way they've discontinued it. And if they have I need to get my hands on a couple more, quickly!

Eye shadow wise I've been mainly using these three colours. I like to keep it pretty simple. These are MAC Eye Shadow in 'Blanc Type', 'Grain', and 'Brun'. I use Blanc Type allover the lid and use Brun to contour. They're both great matte shades, but if I want to add a little something extra I'll put Grain over the top of Blanc Type because it's got a nice shimmer to it.

I've also been loving the new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I love the nude tones but also they're quite pinky and I love me some pink :) However the brush included isn't as good as I expected. It's quite dense and stiff so it's not the easiest to use.

In the way of eye primers I have had a hard time in 2014. I've used a few, and mostly they're waaaay too dark for my skin tone. I'm so pale and most of the primers only come in one shade. I tried the Benefit Stay Don't Stray, and whilst my eyeshadow didn't budge, it was so dark that it made my white eyeshadow look cream. I most recently tried the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. Whilst it gives a bit of a shimmer, it's not much and doesn't show through matte eyeshadow. It's also a yellow colour, and translucent, and it's not dark in shade so this has been my favourite.

These are all the products I've been loving through 2014 and in to 2015. I'd recommend all of them if you're looking for something new. Let me know your favourite products of 2014 in the comments, or let me know if you've tried any of these and loved them as much as I have!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, I am a fan of Benefit too! I use POREfessional and the concealer and mascara! I normally use the facial washes, toner and moisturiser from Benefit which are really lovely.

    I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:

    Ana x

    1. Thank you so much! I'll get going on that right away. Benefit is a great brand and I love it. x

  2. For me, the Benefit Fake Up concealer doesn't really work. I used it for a while but it creases so hard that I switched it up. The Stay Don't Stray eye primer doesn't work for me either, maybe it's just me. I have such oily eye lids that even a primer doesn't stay put. The only one working for me so far is the Urban Decay Eye primer ;)

    PS, here are my monthly favourites:

    1. I will definitely try the Urban Decay one, I've heard good things :) I like to try different primers so it'll be good to use something new! :) x