Saturday, 14 February 2015

Makeup Wish List.

I already did a post a few weeks ago entitled 2015 Wish List. It had a lot of different categories including Books, DVDs, and Beauty, but I wanted to do a full list of makeup items that I'm currently wanting, just because it's fun for me, and maybe you guys have tried these items and can recommend them and give me your opinion. I haven't repeated anything on either list so if you want to check out my other post you can here. Now, on with this list :)

Being incomprehensibly pale, it's hard to find concealers that are even paler, to highlight and cover imperfections on my skin. This however, is very light and also very creamy and I really want to try it.

♡ Illamasqua Skin Base (I need colour matching)

Again because of my pale skin, I've struggled finding colours that match my tone. I use foundations that are slightly too dark and blend blend blend because it's so hard to get good foundations in pale shades. I've heard rave reviews about this foundation and the colours go so pale, it excited me thinking about getting something I actually match. I need to go to the counter in Selfridges and get it matched to my skin :)

♡ Mac Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet So Easy & Mac Mineralise Blush in Just A Wisp

A cremeblend because I love them, and a mineralise because they highlight. Both cute pink shades :)

♡ Mac Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown

I originally went to buy this over a year ago and they didn't have it unfortunately, because it's such a popular shade. It's great for contouring eyes, and for eyebrows! I currently use Brun by mac, but it's slightly too dark, and I need something more subtle I think.

♡ Mac Lipstick in Syrup & Mac Lipstick in Pink Pearl Pop

Syrup because it's not too different from my natural lip colour, and whilst I love a statement lip, I'm loving subtle colours at the moment too. And Pink pearl drop because I don't have a pinky shade at the moment that I love.

This is a Lip Balm with a hint of pink. As soon as I saw this it was added to my Wish List.

This speaks for itself. Incredible brushes, and rose gold, all in one? Yes please.

This too. I'd be doubling up on a couple of eye brushes, but you can never have too many eye brushes :)

Have you guys tried any of these products? If so let me know in the comments if you loved/hated them and let me know why :)

Thanks for reading.


  1. The Zoeva luxury set looks so pretty x I'd get this first x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. It does it looks beautiful, I can't wait to get my hands on it!
      I've followed you on Bloglovin' :) x

  2. I love the zoeva brushes, they are really worth it!

    I did a post about Urban Decay Naked vs. Too Faced Chocolate bar, here it is:

    Love, Charline

  3. Hi lovely! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award !

  4. Great wishlist! The Dior Addict Lip Glow looks amazing and the Zoeva brushes have been on my wishlist for so long! I've heard they are amazing! Just also wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog - I really appreciate it! x


  5. Zoeba brushes look amazing and the rose gold is so lovely. Great wishlist.


  6. Loved seeing your wishlist!
    I've been dying to get my hands on some MAC items!

    Check out my blog?
    Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'