Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The University Debate; to go or not to go?

A serious topic, and a serious post, but it's necessary.

Lots of people seem to be discussing University, and whether or not they should go. I thought I'd give my opinion.

For me University was just something that was always going to happen. I went to private school and it was just a given that you'd go on to college/sixth form, and from there, University. But I know that for some people it's not that simple.

A lot of people think Uni might be a waste of time, due to their career goals, for example if they don't need a degree, then why bother? And that's fair, however I always think it's useful to have a backup plan. In my case, I want to write. Books specifically, and whilst I don't necessarily need a degree to do that, I also know that writing, for most people, isn't lucrative enough that they don't have to work. So I am currently in my third year studying for a degree in English, from where I will go on to study a PGCE or equivalent and become a qualified teacher, as my safety net.

The other problem people have is the whole social side to Uni. I find it strange that, rather than a learning experience, a lot of people see University as a time to be meeting new people and partying and going out every night drinking. And then because of this there are people who are shy, and introverted, who might think that Uni isn't for them. I'm an introvert, and I've been at Uni for 2 and a half years and I haven't once been out partying. It's a personal choice, but it hasn't taken away from my experience. I still have friends, and to be quite honest a fair number of the people I have classes with don't seem to be out clubbing every weekend either.

I also chose a Uni that was close to home, and I still live at home with my mum. The main reasons for this were

1. To avoid living with people I might not get on with.
2. I still get to care for my dog and he isn't at home alone all day.
3. It gives me the opportunity to get the much-needed alone time I require to re-charge.

I just wanted to offer my standpoint on this topic because I feel like I haven't heard anyone provide an opinion like mine, and I worry that people might not go to Uni, who want to for academic reasons, because they feel like it's not for them socially.

After the whole thing, even if I hadn't particularly enjoyed it, I'd have a degree, and a more positive future. If you think that Uni might not be for you, but you want qualifications, please, I urge you, to make sure that you fully research the pros and cons because it could end up the best thing you ever did. And if you do go and it's not for you, it doesn't matter too much, you probably won't notice the debt repayments and at least you'll know for sure.

What are your feelings about Undergrad and Postgrad education? Let me know in the comments :)


  1. If you like to study and if you think University is something for you, then go for it. But if you think you want to try something else, then maybe wait a bit. Great post.


  2. Great post! I think people will find this really helpful when choosing their future too! I think it's great that you've really got things planned out with a back up plan etc:)
    I chose to live at home for uni too & have just done a post about this myself!

    1. Thanks! :) I read your post and I definitely agree with what you've said, especially about having your own bed! I've followed you on Bloglovin' too :) x