Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Soap and Glory Gloss Sticks.

Today I've decided to blog and tell you all about the Soap and Glory 'Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks'. A lot of you may have tried them already but I love them and thought I'd tell you all why :)

I've had these since just before Christmas I think, I got them from boots. I have this little tin that came with three different colours, but there is a larger selection of colours to be bought individually from boots. These are £8 each to buy individually, and I'd say, totally worth it. But if you buy quick, there's a sale on at boots '3 for 2 on selected Soap and Glory cosmetics - cheapest free' so if you want three of these, or any other Soap and Glory products then now would be the time to buy :)

They are similar in style to quite a few different products on the market these days, for example, Clinique Chubby Stick or Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Crayon. They're like a giant crayon which can be wound up and the bottom and you just draw them on the lips. They're so easy to use, not too chunky so good for delicate lips and they are so light and moisturising they almost feel more like a balm. I'm not a fan of wearing products that are too sticky on my lips, and these are great because whilst they leave a glossy look they aren't sticky at all.

I have them in the colours 'Fuchsiaristic', 'Bashful', and 'Raplumzel'. All three colour are great, and the payoff is good too, not too much product for a great pop of colour.

Fuchsiaristic is a very coraly-red colour in the stick, and looks scarily bright, but when on the lips it's a lovely pinky coral and it really suits my pale skin tone. You can also see the shiny gloss-look it gives to my lips, and it feels so sheer and comfortable at the same time.

'Bashful' is more of a light nude baby pink, and is closest to my natural lip colour, just a little paler. Whilst a beautiful colour I think that this one can make me look quite washed out as I am very pale so a full face of makeup is sort of necessary. But again great colour payoff and really, very moisturising.

'Raplumzel' is by far my favourite. It's a deeper more maroon-pink colour, and it too suits my skin tone quite well. If you're someone who loves dark lips but can't pull them off all the time, this is definitely the way to go because it's sheer instead of opaque but you still get that dark-berry lip look.

I'm going to wholly recommend these because they're such great lip products and so easy to use. If you're looking for a quick and easy pop of colour then these are definitely for you.

If you've tried these and loved or hated them let me know and let me know why :)


  1. Love the look of these! I prefer bashful xx


    1. Even though it's my least favourite I love it loads! It's such a pretty, natural shade x