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Top 10 Video Games.

I'd say quite a good majority of any free time I have is spent playing Video Games. I've played A LOT of games, and my collection is quite extensive. I'm a fan of lots of different genres, mostly Noir-type games and I like story based games, I like having something to follow. I decided to do a short list of my favourite games so as to recommend them :)

1. Beyond: Two Souls

This is a Noir game, made by the same developers of Heavy Rain, which will be number 6 on this list. It's basically a story, told like an interactive film where you can make decisions and those decisions affect the way that the story plays out, but you also get to take control of the character and interact with your surroundings and get to take part in situations like in regular gameplay for example shooting etc. It follows the protagonist Jodie, right the way through her life from early childhood to now, when she is in her 20's. This is such an incredible game, I've played Noir games before and they're always my favourites but this surpasses all of them. The story is gripping and I never wanted to stop playing 'till I got to the end. I would definitely recommend this if you like this style of game, or if you're new to gaming this is a great way to start off. I'd give this game 10/10.

2. The Last of Us

This game is like an open world game to a certain extent, but you're always on a path going somewhere. It follows characters fighting their way through a new world, filled with zombies, of all different kinds, and where the living are segregated by walls and gates and military personnel. There are many obstacles which prove difficult to overcome but the gameplay is absolutely beautiful. The story is great but the scenic backdrop of the story is amazingly life-like and looks incredible. All in all this game isn't an easy one, and I wouldn't recommend for beginners, but for anyone who likes a challenge, I would definitely suggest this be the next game you buy. 9.5/10.

3. Assassin's Creed

Most of you will have heard of the Assassin's Creed series, which follow individuals throughout history trying to figure out the answers to age-old questions. You get to play as an array of characters and get to increase your skills and wealth. The stories are great and the intricate character details too. I would definitely recommend these to anyone. 9/10.

4. Red Dead Redemption

Probably one of my favourite games of all time. This is a fully open world game, set in the 1800's you get to play as a reformed criminal who is ordered by the government to atone for his sins by capturing his old criminal companions. You get to complete an array of side missions too. This game play is very similar to the likes of Grand Theft Auto except there aren't many cars and you get around on horseback travelling through 'New Austin' on the border of Mexico, and then in Mexico too. There is also a DLC game, or you could buy the disk, where the world becomes overrun with zombies and you have to fight your way through that with only antique weaponry at hand. I've played this game over 3 times and it's still my favourite, and I can't wait for the rumoured sequel. All in all, 10/10.

5. L.A Noire

From the title of this you can rightly assume that it is another Noir game. You play as Cole, who is the guy in the image, he is a police officer working in LA in the 40's/50's. It follows Cole's career from constable through to detective, solving crimes and working with other police officers, but it also shows large chunks of Cole's personal life and how things happening at home affect him and his career. You even get to 'solve' one of the most famous unsolved murders in real history, that of Elizabeth Short or 'The Black Dahlia'. This is a brilliant game, and one where your decisions affect the progression of your character. I'd recommend this to anyone interested in a good story, and I give it a 9.5/10.

6. Heavy Rain

Yet another Noir type game, I mentioned it briefly when talking about Beyond: Two Souls because they are from the same creators. The graphics in this aren't quite as amazing, obviously given that it is a few years older, yet the story and interactions you get as the characters are just as great. You follow four different characters, all in some way connected the the disappearance and murder of children. One character is the father of a boy taken, one a police officer investigating, one a private investigator and one a journalist. Depending on how you play the game and your choices, you may or may not solve who the 'Origami Killer' (aptly named because he/she leaves a piece of origami with each body) is. It all depends on which characters are still alive at the end of the game. This game is great and I love how my decisions sculpted it in to what it was. I'd give this game 9/10.

7. Tomb Raider

When I was a kid I was always terrified of Tomb Raider games because every time I tried to play I'd get killed by a tiger or a wolf and it would be such a shock I never tried again, until a couple of years ago when I got given a Tomb raider game on PSP and I loved it. More recently I played the 2013 version on PS3, and I thought it was amazing. You get to play as Lara Croft when she was just starting her exploring, at 21 years old. On her first real expedition, you get to explore an island off the coast of Japan and you find yourself alone and lost, and have to reconnect with your team whilst facing many challenges (including the occasional wild animal!). 9/10.

8. Saint's Row Series

Saint's Row is a game I've been playing for years. The first game was good but they've got gradually better and better. You start off joining a gang, and then you progress and lead the gang in two different cities, one in game two and another in game three. By the fourth game you're president and the world is being taken over by aliens. They get more far fetched the further you go however, still so much fun to play. Especially given that you get to fight your rivals using super powers. I love the character creation part of the game and the option to dress your character to look how you want. I've played these multiple times and I'd rate them 9/10.

9. The Walking Dead

 This isn't like a usual video game. It's a story which is decision based but there isn't much else. There's not much interacting with surroundings, and no open world features. Basically it's just following a story. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead in all of it's forms. The TV Show is probably the most popular and is so incredible I've watched it through twice, but I've also read the comics, and then played this game. The game follows a different set of people, navigating their way through the post-apocalyptic world like on the tv show, but facing different obstacles and you have to help overcome them. The came is split in to chapters, and there are actually 2 games. I'd give these an 8.5/10.

10. Grand Theft Auto IV and V

I've been a fan of GTA for a very long time, since the original Vice City. I think though, that games four and five were by far the best, no only due to improved graphics (especially in five) but also because of the story and the open world, and the social side to things too. In four, you play as Niko Bellic, an immigrant trying to make it in the US. You get to have an online dating profile, meet new people, and hang out with friends. In five, you play as three different characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Whilst there isn't the option to date, and you can't hang out with many people other than the main cast, the story missions are much more intricate. There is also a couple of DLC Games for GTA IV. 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' and 'The Lost and the Damned' can also be purchased in disc form. In these you get to play as different characters, with cameos from the characters we know from GTA IV. I loved these extra stories so much as you get to understand more about things that happened in the original story. I'd definitely recommend these, however don't forget they can be pretty violent so no playing if you're under 18! ;) 9.5/10.

Do you have any favourite games that didn't make my list? Let me know in the comments because I'd love to check them out. Also let me know if you've played any of these and whether you loved/hated them :)

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