Monday, 15 June 2015

Very Subtle, Blended Cut Crease Look for Hooded Eyes.

I decided to try a little tutorial on how I achieved this really subtle cut crease daytime look for girls who have hooded eyes like me. Sometimes it can be really difficult to make your eyes look bigger, but also experiment with eyeshadows when you can hardly see your lid due to the way it overhangs.

Here you can see my eyelid with nothing on it. If I were to put eyeshadow directly in the crease it would disappear and it would be pointless.

Again here is my lid with nothing on it.

I have applied a creamy coloured eyeshadow allover the lid, something similar to your natural skin tone so that it cancels out all the discolouration. I used Mac's Blanc Type, which is rather pale but so am I.

Then, rather messily, I applied a darker colour half in the crease and above the natural crease of my eye. This way when the eye is open you will be able to see the darker shade. Don't worry about neatness, it will all look better when blended.

I then blended using a fluffy brush, personally I used the Zoeva Luxe Crease. Blend until it looks like there are no harsh lines. If you need to, to emphasise the eye, you can apply a lighter colour like white on the centre of the lid and in the corner of the eye, but I chose not to.

As you can see, the dark line is visible above the eye, which emphasises and opens up the eye. It acts as a shadow to make the eye seem bigger and deeper than it really is.

The finished look with mascara. I chose not to use an eyeliner because with only a little eyelid before the crease, applying a line of black or any dark colour can take away from that and make the eye seem smaller. This is also just a natural daytime look and eyeliner might make it look too dramatic.

If you wanted to make this in to an evening look, I would make the crease much darker and blend it into a wing to open up the eye even more. If you'd like to see me make that look into a mini tutorial too, leave a comment below.


  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. Wow your brows look amazing! Great post! x

  3. Great tips :) your eyes look gorgeous