Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Why Caitlyn Jenner Is More Important Than You Think.

Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner unveiled herself. The world has been talking about it in both a positive and negative light, but I think a lot of people are missing the point.

We live in a world filled with homophobic, transphobic and every other phobic that relates to something which isn't the norm. The fact that Caitlyn has been so brave, and so confident as to show herself to the world, as the woman she has always been but had been hiding, is remarkable.

In some ways she is one of the most famous people to publicly transition from male to female, in the public eye. Not only will her amazing bravery give others the confidence and inspiration to follow their dreams and become their true selves, she will hopefully encourage more people who don't understand, to read up and to find out, and overall become more accepting. This world is in dire need of some understanding.

Yesterday my Facebook news feed was overrun with support for her, but also negativity. I saw people saying 'He looks like Jessica Lange'... he doesn't, she does. I saw one comment refer to her has 'Bruce', whom she is not anymore, and one even called her 'Brucilla', is this a joke? It's not funny. As if her struggles haven't been hard enough, hiding her true self from the world for 65 years, she now has to be barraged with ridiculous, small minded comments from the likes of people whom I don't wish to associate. Imagine pretending to be someone you're not for 65 years. It's heartbreaking. But she is free now, with the full support of millions of fans, and most importantly, her family.

To the people who don't understand, she is a woman. If you refer to her as 'him' or 'it' or 'Bruce' you are doing her a great injustice and you aren't worth the breath it took for you to address her so.

To all those currently struggling with anything like Caitlyn, just be brave. Be brave, and strong, and wonderful.

Be yourself.

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  1. It's lovely to see people blogging about this! I almost feel that Caitlyn has had her transformation now, she's free and people being negative isn't going to do heck to her! That said, people are giving the wrong message to others who may still be trying to figure themselves out. I wish people weren't so closed minded.


  2. I agree with all of what you've said. Caitlyn is so brave to have done all of this in the public eye!

    Becca xx


  3. A lovely post, it's good to see someone sharing the positivity!
    I'm sure there are so many people out there struggling and Caitlyn will be such an inspiration for them!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  4. Thank you SOOOO Much for this post! I am so happy not everyone is being condescending of this issue, and there is some positivism being portrayed in the web.

    The Gift of Gab | http://gabofgift.wordpress.com

  5. Amazing post dear!


  6. Amazing post dear!