Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Life Update.

I have really been lax on the posting lately, everything has been chaotic up to the beginning of June and then I needed a bit (lot) of a break. I posted every couple of weeks in the mean time but I'm not sure my heart was completely in it. I would like to get back on track, starting with an update for those who are interested.

So at the end of May I completed my dissertation. Well actually it was a dissertation, a smaller assignment and a poster presentation (woohoo). I think in the last 4 months I have written 25000 words and it has killed me. Well not literally but, you know.

So then I had a lot of anxiety about results and what to do after and worrying and it basically took up all of my time. Anyway about 3 weeks ago I got my results and I got my degree and so now I'm an English Graduate. You can now address me as Alexandra Louise Hamblet BA (Hons).

I've been poor, if that interests anyone. I never have enough money for bills except student loan days and I might not have any more of them, I don't know. Hence why there haven't been many product reviews of late, I can't afford anything new! Having said that, I have bought some new skin care with my boots points and I've been loving my skin recently so I can't wait to share those with you. (Huge thanks to Caroline Hirons and a mexican wave in honour).

I have been working, doing some shifts (I work bank so I pick and choose my hours). I need the cash urgently and I also don't really mind. I get paid quite a lot for weekends so I work Saturdays and it's okay. So I'm mostly MIA on the most social day of the week. For 12 and a half hours (that's how long my shifts are).

I'm completely up-to-date on Pretty Little Liars bar one episode. I've been obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race. Actually I've been loving Willam Belli and got to watching Drag Race after watching every second of footage of him that I can find on the internet. The beatdown is the best show ever, you should all go watch it (if you're over 18!!!) So I watched series 4 of Drag Race because of Willam, then series 6 for Courtney but ended up in total love with Bianca and Adore. Although Willam is still my fave. So now I'm hooked.

Lastly I've found myself rather uninspired lately, which sucks. If any of you have any ideas for posts you'd like to see then let me know below :) Thanks.

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