Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes.


Since Christmas I have struggled to find the time to read anything. Uni work took up all my time, both reading and writing. Now that I've finished my course (Yes, I have a bloody degree!!!) I picked up my first book in months, and honestly, I couldn't have made a finer choice. Jojo Moyes is an incredible author.

This book made me laugh and cry. It gave me butterflies, and it broke my heart. What more could I want, right?

The story follows Louisa Clark, a 26 year old small town girl whose world is turned upside down when she loses her job, and has to take another, working for a 35 year old man who is a C5/6 quadriplegic. She becomes his carer and faces an intense battle when she finds out his plans to end his life. Will is unhappy with his new life, and dissatisfied with his inability to be the confident, high flying, globe trotting, casanova that he used to be. Lou has to face the problem head on and she takes it upon herself to change his mind. The reader follows her struggles and attempts to change his mind and change his life. There are ups and downs, and throughout there is tension and wonder over whether she will succeed or not.

I was about 5 words in when I realised I was hooked. I grew to love characters and ache for them to love each other. I didn't want to put this book down. Granted, I love reading, and enjoy an array of novels and genres but, not many get an entire blog post devoted to them. I finished this book in a number of days and I loved every minute of it.

This book has been adapted in to a movie and is currently being filmed. You can expect to see it advertised everywhere come 2016. With Emilia Clarke as Lou, and Sam Claflin as Will, I can't imagine better casting and I just can't wait. I am so excited.

On top of this, (bonus!) Jojo Moyes has written a sequel (I won't include its name because it is kind of a big spoiler for the first book) and it is due out on the 24th of September, this year. I think that finding out what happens to characters after the book ends is something we all want, and don't often get. I can't wait to read and watch, and I would 100% recommend.

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  1. I've just finished reading this book too and I loved it! It had me in tears and that doesn't happen often! Can't wait for the sequel and the film now!

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