Monday, 21 December 2015

5 Movies to watch during the Festive Season.


The Grinch

My favourite Christmas film of all time! This is the film I watched when I was little and it always reminds me of that childhood Christmas morning feeling. I also love the film in itself, and I definitely think it's perfect for Christmas day viewing.


Elf always seems to be everybody else's favourite. To me, it's no Grinch, however I do think it's a pretty great film. It's feel-good and funny and good for getting you into the Christmas spirit.

Four Christmases

A more modern film, and more of a grown-up film. Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon are great in it, and it's a perfect example of all of the hilarious family Christmases we all endure.

Harry Potter

Okay okay, I know it's not technically a Christmas film, but Christmas is usually focused on in the films and I always watch them around Christmas time. I've even managed to convince my Mum to watch one this week after 6 years of trying!

Love Actually

I love this film. It's the perfect combination of Christmas, smushy romance and comedy gold. It's set around Christmas and would be great for Christmas day, or any of the (3) days that you have left leading up to Christmas!

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  1. I love Love Actually! I watched it just last night, haha! Harry Potter is definitely not a Christmas movie franchise, but I know of so many television stations that do Harry Potter marathons during the holidays! It must be some sort of combination of having enough time to watch them all and that a lot of families, as a whole, enjoy them. Maybe? Haha!